Samsung Galaxy buds review [ Noise Cancellation 18 Hours Playtime ]

Today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy buds review we will cover all things about this earbud


Guys as you all know Samsung is a very great company in Gadgets and also home appliances the Samsung company👌👌 also enters the sound gadget and made very good sound gadgets👌 like earphones headphones and also home theatres but one of the most famous Samsung sound gadgets is Samsung Galaxy earbuds👌

This product purchased by a lot of people and also they have very good ratings for this product but if you have also any type of confusion related to Samsung Galaxy earbuds then👌 stay till the end with this post because in today’s post we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy buds👌

we will review it completely and also tell you about all these things pros and cons and all things And also tell you about its features and connectivity options should you buy it or not is it will be perfect for you or not and also is it comes with warranty👌

So let’s start this post without wasting any more time first of all we will see the specification through the table after that we will start reviewing👌 all things and also see the packing and box content we have already tested it personally so we can give you very great knowledge about this earbud👌

Specification of Samsung Galaxy buds review

Samsung Galaxy buds review
10 meters

Design and build quality of Samsung Galaxy buds review

Talking about its packing then it comes❤️ with a very big box on the front side of the box we will see the specification❤️ and the product image and also mention some highlights of this product at the back side of the box you will see the warranty and somethings like MRP❤️

Although the box is very good and the packing also comes with the very good box there is no issue with packing in the box you see the main product with charging cables and warranty cards and some various❤️ things like this as you know, which comes with all gadgets❤️

Samsung Galaxy buds review

If you talk about the design and build quality of the main product then as you can see it looks very good and it has a glass and shiny finish which looks cool and the design is too compact so you will enjoy it when you will use this❤️

It is also a very strong earbud because the whole body is made of hard plastic and some use metal which is a very good thing also it is very lightweight the total weight of this TWS  is only 42 grams❤️ so you can use it without any problem and you will not feel heavy❤️❤️

There is also no fear of water because it is a waterresistant earbud  and it has ip68❤️ rating which is a very good thing but if it got damaged by water then the warranty will expire and it is applicable on all Tech gadgets so keep in mind

The quality of its case is nice because the case is also made of plastic and there are some indicators on the case with Samsung branding which looks very awesome you can put this earbud easily in the case and there is a charging port❤️ in this case 

It is an in-ear earbud so the experience will be very good the design and build quality are nice and we did not see any type of problem in its design or build quality so there are no complaints from us from its design and build quality❤️

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Sound and audio test of Samsung Galaxy buds review

If we talk about the sound quality and some features of this bird then it has a very good sound quality because it has an 11-mm driver👌 so it can produce very good sound and the loudness is very good so you can use this earphone for Loud music and this also can be used for gym persons👌

 friends, it has a dynamic driver so it can produce a very good base and you can also use this earphone for slow music and motivational quotes and night Music as well overall the sound experience and the performance is decent you will never face any type of lack in performance👌

Samsung Galaxy buds review

it has a lot of microphones for noise cancellation so the noise cancellation of this earphone is commendable it can clear all background noises👌 and provide you with very decent👌sound quality so you can enjoy a without interruption of noise

and you can also use its microphone for recording and calling as well and it has also assistant support so you can play music by just using your voice to activate the assistant it has a button given on the back side by pressing👌 the button you can activate its assistant and enjoy all voice assistant features👌

It also supports Spotify is a very good music platform to use Spotify you can click the button given on the back side we have to press this button for a while after that Spotify will be activated👌

Connectivity and range of Samsung Galaxy buds review

Talking about its connectivity it is also a wireless earbud so it has Bluetooth 5.0👌 support for connectivity the latency level is also low so you can be also used it for gaming we will recommend that please👌 don’t try happy gaming in this earbud because this is not a gaming earphone so maybe👌 you feel lag in audio so it will be e destroy gaming experience👌

Samsung Galaxy buds review

The connectivity range is about 10 M👌👌 which is good and you can also connect this earbud with the Samsung Galaxy👌 app and make more customization in this which is a great feature from Samsung company and shows the trust of Samsung👌

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Battery and other things of Samsung Galaxy buds review

If you talk about the battery backup of these earbuds💕 then you will get about 21 hours of battery with this because on a single charge the earbud can run about 5 hours

Samsung Galaxy buds review

 and it has a big battery on its case which can charge it 4 times💕 fully so the total battery backup becomes 21 hours which is very good to charge this earbud you can use a USB type C charger

 because it has a USB type-C💕 port for charging and  it supports very fast charging so you don’t have to wait for a long time to listen to music again

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warranty and more

It has also a 1-year warranty and 7 days replacement💕 policy like all Samsung products and after Sales Service is very good because you all know Samsung is a great company in India💕

Samsung Galaxy buds review

and you will never feel any type of service lack with this earbud so you can buy this earbud without💕any problem because it is a very good year but from Samsung company and it has also the trust of Samsung company💕💕


  • perfect design and look
  • 11mm driver for good sound quality
  • wireless connectivity
  • soft buds and many color options
  • 10 meters range
  • Connect to your Galaxy
  • 21 Hours Playtime
  • 1-year warranty
  • many buttons and microphone
  • water-resistant


  • cumming out while running


Last section to read

so friend it was the post in which we talked about  Samsung Galaxy buds❤️ we hope that you must like this post and also share it with your friends as you know a lot of hard work and Research is involved❤️ in creating these kinds of posts so we hope that you must share this post with your friends and Groups as well❤️

 if you have any type of confusion then you can ask in the comment section  I will try to reply to you as soon as possible and also try to clear up confusion about this earbud in our opinion❤️ it is a perfect earbud for music lovers and also you can use it for gaming as well❤️❤️

If you also like to read this❤️ kind of content and also like to see the reviews of tech gadgets then you can visit our website daily because we keep posting this kind of article for you daily we will meet in another post like this till then take care and bye😢

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