boat airdopes 131 review [ 12H playtime voice assistant ]

Today we are going to talk about the boat airdopes 131 review we will cover all things about these earbuds

boat airdopes 131 review

boat airdopes 131 friends, this is such an earbud❤️, which has been very much liked, and it is made by the boot company, it has been bought by many people and given a very good rating❤️

but friends, the more famous the thing get the same number of doubts related to it in our mind., and if you also have any doubt related to TWS in your mind, then today’s post is for you❤️

because in today’s post we are going to do a complete review of boat airdopes 131❤️ in which We will tell about all its features and specifications, we have also tested it personally, due to which we have got a very good knowledge❤️ about this airdropes, due to which you will like this post

friends, its price is not too high. The reason why people❤️ buy it a lot, and it is also very good in terms of performance, so let’s guys first of all look at its specifications, after that we will start its detailed review and tell you about all its things, so let’s start without wasting much time❤️❤️❤️

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Specification of this boat airdopes 131 review

boat airdopes 131 review
10 meters

Design and build quality of boat airdopes 131 review packing as well

Friends boat packs its gadgets very well and its gadgets have also been packed very well as you can see it’s a small box in which it came packed and the box is very strong 💕

and its box Inside💕 you will find a user manual guide, earbuds with some documentation, and 2xPairs of additional earmuffs, charging case which is enough

if we talk about its design and looks, it is as strong as it looks premium. Because super hard plastic has been used to design its entire body💕

 and its total weight is only 7 grams💕, due to which it becomes very lightweight and you can use it comfortably for a long time💕

A lot of color options are also given, from which you can choose any and some buttons have been given on the back side, with the help of which you can control it💕, 

boat airdopes 131 review

it is also waterresistant, due to which if it is waterresistant💕. If it falls in it will not be a problem, but friends if it was spoiled by water, then its warranty will expire, 

friends, it is also an in-ear earbud, due to which your experience is going to be very good and if you wear it while running or exercising then it will not come out of your ear. Which is a good thing, for a sportsperson💕. 

It comes with its charging case, the quality of which is very good, it is also made of plastic and is very strong, due to its small size, you can easily keep it in your pocket, and it also has a large battery has been used,

above its charging case, you will see some indicators which tell some of its statuses, and at the same time, it also protects the earbuds, which is also a very good thing💕

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Sound and audio test of boat airdopes 131 review

friends if we talk about its feature sound quality, its sound quality is very good💕, we have used it for about 4 days, after that we came to know everything about it.

Friends, if you like to listen to loud music, then you can buy it because its loudness is very high because it uses a dynamic driver of 13 mm which is big💕

boat airdopes 131 review

and its bass level is also very high, which is the whole Keeps the ear vibrating💕, the boot company has made this earbud for the perfect universal purpose, so you can also use it for study or for listening to classic music, which is very good💕

friends, voice recording in it Microphone is also provided for this, with the help of which you can make calls or record your voice, its quality is not very good but still, your work will go smoothly 💕

and it also supports noise cancellation Which will make your experience even better, if you use it even in a crowded area, then you will get very fresh audio and this is the advantage of having active noise cancellation which is given in it💕💕

Connectivity and range of boat airdopes 131 review

friends, as you know that it is an airdropes which is why it has connectivity wireless medium has been used and Bluetooth 5.0 👍has been given, which has a very low latency level, so you can easily do gaming with its help👍👍,

boat airdopes 131 review

 if we talk about its connectivity range, due to this it is about 10 meters❤️. It is around which is very good and it connects very fast. overall, you will not face any problems related to connectivity❤️

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Battery and other things of boat TWS131 review

if we talk about its battery backup and charging option, then use a very big battery in it. Due to this its battery backup is 13 hours❤️, 

friends, 13 hours of battery backup is its total battery backup, its main battery backup is 3 to 4 hours❤️ which comes in its earbuds, and if these earbuds get discharged then you can charge it by just keeping it in the charging case ❤️

boat airdopes 131 review

and its case can fully charge it about 4 times, due to which its total battery backup becomes 13 hours❤️, which is quite high for a normal❤️ user and you can easily It can be used for two or three days, although there are earbuds in the market whose battery backup is more than 50 hours❤️ their quality is not like this

 this, to control it, two buttons have been given on the back side and both are touch buttons which can work only by touching and work much smoother., with the help of this, you can control its volume and can also perform❤️ many of its functions, which is a very good thing

friends, like all the earbuds of today❤️, you have also been given the support of a voice assistant, which is very cool and you can use just one button to access it, with the help of this you can play multiple songs and can do many other things with the help of your voice only this is a very advanced feature❤️ and it is very rare to see it at this price point❤️

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warranty and more of boat earbuds131 review

boat airdopes 131 review

friends boAt company gives a 1-year warranty❤️ on all its products which are also on this product and can also be replaced within 7 days❤️, If you face any problem with this or if you do not like it, because of which there is no risk in buying it in our opinion. On point, it is a very good TWS❤️ and with this, you also get the brand value of boAt ❤️❤️


  • very good design and look
  • 13mm driver for good sound quality
  • wireless connectivity
  • soft buds and many color options
  • 10 meters range
  • ANC
  • 1-year warranty
  • buttons and microphone
  • 13 hours battery and very fast charging
  • water-resistant


  • no, nay cons

Some commonly asked questions about boat airdopes 131

Boat airdopes 131 price


Boat airdopes 131 driver size


Boat airdopes 131 battery backup


Boat airdopes 131 warranty

1-year warranty

Boat airdopes 131 connectivity and range 

Bluetooth and 10 meters


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