Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo review [ 17 hours total playback time ]

Today we are going to talk about the Realme Buds wireless 2 neo review we will cover all things about this earphone

Realme Buds 2 Neo Earphone review

Hello friends how are you guys hope everyone is good👌 and will be good in the future friends today we are going to talk about realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo it is a very good earphone and today we are going to review it👌

 And if you have any doubt related to this in your mind whether you should buy it or not, is it the best at this price or we should look at other options, you will get answers👌to all these questions in this post👌

 .We are making this post after a lot of research and hard work and we have also personally tested this earphone👌, so we can tell you everything related to it very well,

we hope you like this article👌, so let’s be the first we see its specification with the help of the table, after that, we will review its details and also tell about its pros and cons, so let’s start without wasting much time👌

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Specification of this earphone

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo
10 meters

Design and build quality and packing of Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo review

Friends, realme is a very good company in India and a lot of people like the product of this company, and why not like it, this company makes a lot of durable products and their products are very cheap, due to this anyone can buy it those products❤️,

And this is the Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo because it is very famous, so many people have bought it and its rating is also very good if talk about this wireless earphone. So the design and build quality of this earphone is very great❤️

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 plastic has been used to design it as well as it is a neckband❤️, so you can hang it on your neck due to its lightweight❤️, you can use it for a long time without any problem,

its color combination is very good as you can see black and yellow❤️ color has been used to design this which looks very nice and has many color options so you can choose any one.

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This is a water-resistant❤️ earphone, due to which if it falls in the water, then there will be no problem, but friends, we would suggest that you keep it safe from water because once it gets damaged by falling in water then the company expires its warranty because there is no warranty for water damage( for all gadgets )

friends, rubber has also been used in it, due to which it is very flexible❤️, due to which there is no risk of breaking it at all and its buds are made with soft rubber which is a very good thing, 

so that there will be no pain❤️ in your ear at all many extra buds have been given in it, which are of different sizes, so you can set any bud in it and use it.

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Sound and audio test

friends, if we talk about its features and sound quality, then it comes with a lot of features and its sound quality is very decent because it uses dynamic drivers of 11.2 mm❤️’

which can produce very good loudness and bass and also you can use it You can also do gaming because its latency is only 88ms❤️, which is very low,

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friends, a small controller has been given in it, with the help of which you can control all its functions and three buttons have been given in it. Which are the volume up, volume down, and push and play buttons, as well as this earphone also supports calling❤️, 

so you can also make calls with its help because a very good quality microphone has been used in it and with its help It is also possible to do voice recording, which is a very good thing and it also has an indicator that represents a lot of its status❤️

Connectivity and range and microphone of Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo review

friends, as we have told you that this is a wireless earphone, which has no connectivity issues. Bluetooth has been used for this, which is very fast and its range is around 10 meters which are quite good❤️

and it also supports magnetic connectivity, due to which it connects very quickly and you can use it anywhere and on any platform❤️ such as Android, Windows, Mac, Linux❤️, and many more

friends, it comes with the feature of a realme app link, with the help of which you can connect Realme app after installing❤️ it on your phone and you can do many changes according to you❤️

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in this app. There will be a lot of features with the help of which you can customize❤️ it very well and this is the best thing about this earphone, it creates an ecosystem which is also a good thing❤️

guy, as we have told you that It also has a microphone which not only helps in voice recording and calling but also improves the noise cancellation to a great extent, although it is an in-ear earphone,

due to which its noise cancellation is already very good. But still, a separate microphone❤️ has been used in it, which does very well for active noise cancellation (ANC)❤️, which is a very good and rare feature at this price point

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Battery and other things about Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo review

is known for its battery because Its battery backup is very long, it can play nonstop music for up to 17 hours❤️ on a single charge.

which if you are a normal user then you can easily use it for three or four days because a very big battery has been used in it 

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and it also supports super fast charging because it has a USB Type-C port❤️ has been given with the help of which you can charge it and it can give 120 minutes❤️ of playback time on 10 minutes of charge, which will be of great use in an emergency❤️ and it will take about 1.5 hours❤️ for a full charge which is very less and good

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warranty and more about Realme Buds wireless 2 neo review

Then friends or was the earphone coming from realme we hope you liked this review❤️ if we talk about your opinion then definitely you can buy this It turns out to be a very attractive deal at the price as it 

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also comes with a 1-year warranty❤️ and if you don’t like it, you can get it returned or replaced within 7 days❤️, which is very safe, due to which it can be bought there is no loss for you in buying❤️


  • very good design and look
  • 10mm driver for good sound quality
  • wireless connectivity
  • soft buds and many color options
  • 10 meters range
  • 1-year warranty
  • many buttons and microphone
  • 17 hours battery and very fast charging
  • water-resistant


  • no, any cons


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