boat xtend smartwatch review [ stress Monitor, Heart & SpO2 Monitoring ]

Today we are going to talk about the boat xtend smartwatch review we will cover all things about this smartwatch

boat xtend smartwatch review

Friends as you all know but is a very good company for tech Gadgets many this company manufactures sound gadgets like earphones headphones and Bluetooth speakers as well but now the boot company started making smart watches and some other gadgets👌👌

 the Smartwatch of both companies is also coming very good because a lot of people bought them and also gave a very good rating on Amazon one of the best smartwatches from the boot company is the boat xtend Smartwatch👌

but if you also want to buy this smartwatch and are confused about its features or competitors then you should👌 read this article till the end because today we are going to review this smartwatch We will talk about all these things like👌 its features its pros and cons and also is it best for you or not👌

 we have already tested this Smartwatch personally so so how we have known all features of this smartwatch so we can tell you about all the things and problems which we have faced with this smartwatch

 so friends, first of all, let’s see the specification of this Smartwatch through the table after that we will start reviewing its details and also tell you about its pros and cons as well so that start without wasting any more time👌👌👌 so friends, first of all, let’s see the specification of this is Smartwatch through the table after that we will start reviewing it details and also tell you about its pros and cons as well so that start without wasting any more time👌👌

Specification of this boat xtend smartwatch review

boat xtend smartwatch review
Multiple Watch Facesyes
10 meters
Sports Modes14

Design and build quality of boat xtend smartwatch review

If we talk about the packing of this Smartwatch then boot packed this product very well as you can see it comes with a box inside the box you will get the main product with a warranty card 👍

and some more documentation on the front side of its box some specifications👍 mentioned also at the bottom side of the box we will see the main highlights

The design and the build quality of this smartwatch are commendable as you can see the whole body is made of metal👍 and some use plastic the sides of the smartwatch are made of metal 👍👍

boat xtend smartwatch review

which is a perfect thing and looks very premium you will see a button💕 on the right side of the smartwatch and the front side you will get a nice screen and it is a touch screen for controlling its functions💕

Friends the laces of this smartwatch are very soft so you can wear it for a long time and you will never feel your hands warm because the material used in its laces is a very premium

 it is also and it is also waterresistant💕 which is a very good thing the total weight of its smartwatches only 55 G so so you will never feel heavyweight

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display and performance test of boat xtend smartwatch review

Friends talking about his display then it has a great display and the size of its display is 1.69-inch💕 Which is a very good thing it is also touchscreen and the resolution of the display is full HD💕

 so the experience will be very good there are near about 100watch faces💕 so you can change your watch daily which is a very good thing and you can also download more watch faces according to your need or choice💕

You can also change the list of this Smartwatch which is also a very good thing it supports Alexa assistant so you can control this Smartwatch by using your voice and also can see a lot of reports and activate any kind of mood given in this💕

boat xtend smartwatch review

 friends it can also work as a fitness tracker because it has a lot of fitness moods It has 14 plus sports mode which is a very good thing for a sports person and if you also like it more then this watch will be a very good pic for you💕

Friend this watch can also tell you about your heart beats and it also supports SPO2 (blood oxygen levels)💕 Which is a great feature for any Smartwatch it has also sleep monitor and cal monitor feature

 so it is a fully loaded fitness tracker and you will never feel like of features in this smartwatch to see the reports you can use the app or you can see the reports in this is a good smartwatch💕💕

Connectivity and range of boat xtend smartwatch review

Friends we talk about the connectivity of this smartwatch when it comes with Bluetooth connectivity👍 which is a great feature you can see why all Bluetooth options with this Smartwatch you can see the generated reports on your smartphone👍

boat xtend smartwatch review

and you can also see SMS and call alerts on this smartwatch which is a great thing the range of this smartwatch❤️ is very long because it has Bluetooth 5.0❤️ support which is the latest version of Bluetooth and you can also open your camera by using Bluetooth which is a great feature❤️

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Battery and other things

Front if we talk about the battery backup❤️ of this smartwatch then you will never feel any type of battery issue with this smartwatch because it can run for about 7-days on a single charge which is a good thing for a Smartwatch because you can’t charge your smart was daily and it also supports very fast charging so you can charge it very fastly❤️

boat xtend smartwatch review

If you talk about the battery capacity then the battery capacity is 300 mAH ❤️And the battery type is a lithium-ion battery which is good for Smartwatch

warranty and more of boat xtend smartwatch review

Friends, as you have no boat, gives a warranty with all their products and it has also a 1-year warranty which is a very good thing, and 7 days replacement policy so you can replace it within 7 days❤️

boat xtend smartwatch review

if you feel any type of problem or if you don’t like it there is no issue with buying❤️❤️ this and the After Sales Service will be very good because you get boat trust❤️


  • perfect design and look
  • many watch faces
  • plastic ad metal used for body design
  • 14 sports moods
  • Heart & SpO2 Monitoring
  • Alexa Built-in
  • 1.69 HD Display
  • 7 Days Battery
  • microphone and speaker
  • fast charging
  • Bluetooth for connectivity


  • no, any cons


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