Boat airdopes 121v2 review [ 14 Hours Playback 8MM Drivers ]

Today we are going to talk about the Boat airdopes 121v2 review we will cover all things about this earphone

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

Hello friends, if you like boat products now, then you must have heard about boat airdopes 121v2👍, it is a very good airdrop, many features have been given in it from the board and its sound quality is also very good👍

friends if If you also have any confusion related to this TWS👍, then you can stay with this video because in today’s post we are going to review it completely and will tell you about one thing,

friends, a lot of people have bought it. And it is very good in rating but still, if you see its full review then you will know whether it is perfect for you or not, should you buy it, how is its sound quality👍,

you will get answers to all such questions in this post. without wasting much time, let’s see the specifications of this airdrop, after that, we will start its detailed review, so let’s start👍

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Specification of this Boat airdopes 121v2 review

Boat airdopes 121v2 review
10 meters

Design and build quality of Boat airdopes 121v2 review

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

Friends Boat Company packs its gadget very well and its packing was also very good, you will not get any complaint related to packing, inside the box you have been given its case with earbud and some documentation which you can learn by reading it👌.

its design and build quality, then its design and build quality is very commendable, plastic has been used to make its entire body, which is also very lightweight, its weight is 4gram due to which you can use it for a long time👌👌 

and it is an in-ear earbud that can fit well in your ear, so you can easily run and it will not come out from your ears👌

it is water resistant, due to which you are not going to have any problem👌 with water and touchscreen buttons have been given on its back side, with the help of which you can control it, which is a very good thing👌

Plastic has also been used to make its case, and four indicators have been given on it, which is its Tells different states, and when you open it, you have been given an indicator in the center which shows its battery backup👌.

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Sound and audio test of Boat airdopes 121v2 review

Friends, the audio quality is very good as it uses 8mm dynamic👍 drivers which can produce high-volume and bass as well

We have also personally tested it👍, and its audio is not worth seeing at all your max volume But you can still listen to the song and it plays the classic songs very well,

friends, it also supports noise cancellation, due to which its audio quality becomes even more impressive and you can easily play all types of music in it, some microphones have been used in this👍, 

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

with the help of which you can also record your audio and it helps a lot with calls, and friends, with the help of the button given on this backside👍, you can activate its voice assistant. And with the help of this👍,

 you can play any song very easily👍, which is a very good thing and such a feature is seen in very few earbuds that comes at this price,

friends, you can be used for a long time very comfortably because their buds are very soft and do not stain the ear at all such earbuds are best for studying, so even if you want to study, you can still use these earbuds👍👍

Connectivity and range of Boat airdopes 121v2 review

if we talk about its connectivity option So this is a wireless airdropes, due to which you have been given the support of Bluetooth 5.0❤️ for connectivity and friends or the latest version of Bluetooth, due to which is very fast❤️,  

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

friends, its connectivity range is around 15 meters which is very More and better❤️, it connects very well and due to the low latency label, you can enjoy normal games with this. 

although it is not a gaming earbud, which if you try games like battle royale in it, then you will definitely see a lag in the audio❤️

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Battery and other things of Boat airdopes 121v2 review

its battery lasts for a very long time as a 380 mAH battery❤️ has been used in it and it consumes very little power, due to which it will last very well for about 13 hours❤️.

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

On a single charge, its earbud can be approx last for 3.5 hours❤️ and its case can charge it almost 4 times❤️, due to which its total battery backup becomes about 13 hours which is very much, you can use it comfortably for 3 days if you want still if you are a heavy user❤️

warranty and more Boat 121v2 TWS earbuds

like all boat products, this product also comes with a 1-year warranty and you can replace or return it within 7 days❤️ as it comes with 7 days replacement policy which is a good thing❤️

Boat airdopes 121v2 review

 its rating is very good and in our opinion❤️❤️, this will be the perfect  airdopes a low budget and good  airdopes are looking for


  • very good design and look
  • 8mm driver for good sound quality
  • wireless connectivity
  • soft buds and many color options
  • 15 meters range
  • 1-year warranty
  • many buttons and microphone
  • 13 hours battery and very fast charging
  • water-resistant


  • no, any cons

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