7 Cool Mobile Games That Work Without the Internet

You can make your trip not so boring or occupy time on the plane with simple but fun games. These can be live casino lightning roulette or browser games.

Cool Mobile Games Work Without the Internet

But what if you have no Internet connection? Then these 7 titles are for you.

Traffic Rider

A popular option for those who enjoy racing games. Traffic Rider allows you to ride a bike on roads filled with cars with decent realism: graphics are detailed, and engine sounds are recorded from real motorcycles.

In this game, you can get points and virtual cash for overtaking and stunts to pump and buy bikes. It’s a first-person game, there are day and night tracks, as well as over 90 tasks in career mode.

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Horror Tale: Child Snatcher

America, the end of the last century, the town of Lakewich, where it isn’t the first time children have gone missing. The kidnapper is an unknown man wearing a creepy rabbit mask. The user will have to find out the motives of the antagonist and not get caught in his clutches.

In a horror puzzle game, you must move around the locations, collect objects, solve riddles, and hide from the maniac, to get closer to the finale.

Brain Test

Brain Test is one the best free games in the quizz category. Users have to cope with tricky puzzles, involving unconventional thinking.

Solutions will sometimes be non-obvious, even illogical, and will require not only to interact with the screen but also to shake the phone, turn on the flashlight on the gadget, or do nothing at all. If players are stumped, they can spend bonuses on hints – they are given for watching ads.

Hitman GO

Lovers of turn-based strategy and stories about Agent 47 should pay attention to this game. For the killer to complete the task and eliminate the next target, it must be spent on the field, reminiscent of the board game.

On the way, Hitman will meet enemies and obstacles that can be overcome by using disguises, deceptive maneuvers or brute force – here the decision is entirely up to the player. Additional quests like “pass the field in 10 steps” or “reach the target without casualties” make missions more interesting.

Mazes & More

If you want to download games to spend the time on the road or during a break, simple projects, like Mazes & More, are perfect for you. A minimum of rules, easy, but nice graphics – and you can stop at any time.

Users have to overcome the mazes, drawn in 2D retro style, a total of about 450. And so the process doesn’t get boring, you can choose different modes: classic, passage in the dark, on the speed, or with appearing monsters on the way.

Monument Valley

The main character is Princess Ida, and the player is her guide in a world of futuristic buildings. The point is simple: to lead the girl from start to finish. But the implementation isn’t the easiest: the laws of physics dont not work, and stairs, platforms, and bridges move in the most unexpected ways.

The key feature of this game is the visuals and mesmerizing music. However, the puzzle is passed quickly, so you may want to buy its second part.

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Lep’s World

The Lep’s World series of three part arcade adventures is for those who were Mario fanatics in their childhood. 2D, retro-style sound, jumping over obstacles, collecting things – the mechanics are probably familiar to many.

Only the main character here isn’t a plumber, but a funny leprechaun, then looking for lost gold, then saving the inhabitants of his village from trolls or a sorcerer.

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