Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Fitness Bracelet Review: Specifications and Features

When choosing your first fitness bracelet, many people turn their attention to the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 6 model.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

This article will help you understand if this fitness tracker is right for you. In it, we will analyze the main characteristics of the gadget and describe all its functionality.

What Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Looks Like

The updated fitness bracelet looks the same as its fifth generation predecessor. They have the same screens in appearance and the same silicone straps that can be rearranged from the fifth model to the sixth. But if you look closely, you can see some differences.

On the screen of the Mi Band 6 model, the touch button has disappeared, which is clearly visible on the Mi Band 5 model. If you turn on the clock, the differences will become even more noticeable: the new smart bracelet has an oval screen and accommodates much more text than its predecessor with a rectangular screen. 

The difference is also visible on the back of the watch in the form of differently located and different-looking sensors. This is due to the fact that the novelty has acquired a new sensor for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood and an updated sensor for measuring the pulse.

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What’s New In Xiaomi Mi Band 6

We will tell you what new functions and elements the new generation gadget has acquired. The first significant innovation was the screen, which includes about 50% more information than the Mi Band 5 model. This solution was achieved by moving from a rectangular screen to an oval one.

Now almost the entire screen area is working, plus the size of the display itself has slightly increased. At the same time, the screen was taught to respond better to touch and switch modes faster, which was made possible by improving the performance of the GPU.

The second important change, which many have been waiting for a long time, was a sensor that measures the level of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). Thanks to this, Mi Band 6 also has the ability to determine the quality of breathing in a dream. The update also affected the heart rate sensor, which has become more accurate.

A number of changes have also been made to sports modes. If Mi Band 5 had only 11 of them, then in the new version there are 30 of them. Now in the smart bracelet you can set several goals that will motivate you during the workout, as well as set a cardio zone, when you leave it, the bracelet will warn the wearer with vibration. For more vibration, access super sic bo and enter the world of gambling. Amazing entertainment time guaranteed.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Functions for health and training Since Mi Band 6 is a fitness tracker, its main functions are related to health. First of all, with the help of sensors, the bracelet can measure the pulse and the level of oxygen in the blood, and it can do this not only once, but also at a specified interval up to one minute. Such round-the-clock monitoring allows you to see a more complete picture of the behavior of your body under load, during stress or in a calm state.

Sensors allow a smart gadget to collect information about your activity. So, the pedometer will calculate how many steps you take per day or for a specific walk, and smart programs will calculate the distance traveled and calories burned. In addition to steps, Mi Band 6 can also count the number of strokes on the rowing machine, the number of jumps through the rope and some other parameters.

In relation to personal data such as age, gender, weight, height, all collected information allows you to calculate various parameters, such as the level of physical activity PAI. Based on them, the gadget draws conclusions about your health status, activity level and gives you recommendations to improve your well-being. Moreover, to reduce stress, the smart bracelet has breathing exercises.

Sports Modes

The second important functional block of a fitness bracelet is the workouts themselves. The Mi Band 6 model has 30 sports modes, among which you will find not only classic running or cycling, but also volleyball, bowling, zumba and other specific workouts. The gadget is able to determine a number of workouts automatically if you activate the appropriate settings.

This feature will come in handy in cases where you forget to activate the corresponding workout.

Goals Function

Before training, you can set different goals that will encourage you to keep up the pace or cover a greater distance. It can be a goal for burning calories, walking a certain distance, and others. During training, the bracelet collects the data described above, such as heart rate, number of steps, and others.

It also has a built-in reminder that you have been sitting still for a long time, which works based on the analysis of your movements.

Sleep Analyze 

Another important feature allows you to analyze your sleep in detail, studying its different phases. At the same time, it is possible to connect a function that determines the quality of breathing during sleep.

After analysis, the gadget will compare your data with the generally accepted norms for your gender and age, with the testimony of many other users and, if necessary, give you recommendations to improve the quality of sleep.

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Women Specifications

There is also a special function for women, allowing them to track the days of ovulation and menstruation. This module is guided by the data entered by the woman, makes a forecast of the next “women’s” days and sends notifications about it.

The accuracy of the predicted data is very approximate, so they are suitable for monitoring your health in general, and not accurate calculations. By default, the function is disabled and you can activate it through the Mi Fit app.

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