Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Sony Alpha a7 camera review

Best camera under 2 lakh

Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

Best camera under 2 lakh

Friends, how are you guys hope that you will be good and you will be safe, friends, in today’s post we are going to review a Sony camera, Sony Alpha a7, and this camera is very good and professional.

It can also be used by a lot of Youtubers, and that is why today we are here to review it, in which we are going to talk about all its features,

which will help you a lot in taking the deciding you should buy it or not. What are the problems in it and at what price does it come, all these things we are going to cover in this post

So today’s post is going to be very interesting, so stay with this post till the end, we have done a lot of research to prepare this post, after that we have prepared this list, we hope you like this post. If you like it, then let’s start without wasting any more time

Sony Alpha a7 camera review

Sony Alpha a7 camera review

up to 4k
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Design and look Sony Alpha a7 camera review

Friends, the design and look of Sony’s products have always been good, and the look and design of this camera are also very good,

its color is black, which looks very good, and on the top of its front side is Sony’s The branding is given, which looks very good,

and hard plastic and a lot of metal have been used to make its body, which makes it very strong and durable, it is also waterresistant, and its weight It’s only 600g, making it very lightweight, and that makes it easy to carry this camera.

Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

Very small handles have been given on both its left and right sides, in which you can use a small rope, and you can hang it, if it is damaged, it can be easily repaired if there is any problem with it, with this, you also get a warranty, and Sony’s services are very good,

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Freatures Sony Alpha a7 camera review

Friends, a lot of features have been given in this camera, and due to this it comes at number 1 in the list of the best camera under 2 lakh, it is a mirrorless camera, which you can use for both photography and videography, and It uses a

MP high-quality CMOS sensor so that it can record videos in up to 4k up to 4k huge resolutions too at a very high 60 fps so that no video will lag at all, and it also has 5-axis image stabilization, which makes it a stable photography camera.

Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

and if you are a photographer then you can also buy this camera for your photography you will be very happy and satisfied with this camera

In this, the technology of eye-autofocus has been used for autofocus, which is the best technology, with the help of this autofocus, it scans the key of any living object and focuses on it, and this process is very fast. With this,

Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

it can capture videos of moving objects, and it has a maximum shutter speed, 1/30000 seconds, which is very fast, which will help you a lot, you can also zoom in on it, and with this, You can also use much larger camera lenses, which will enhance your experience much batter

Connectivity and controles

Its continuous shooting speed is 15 fps, and there are many options for connectivity, and it also has a lot of buttons to control it, which is given on its rear side and some on the top side, these Buttons include AF/MF, AEL, Fn, DISP, ISO, C4, menu

and a few more buttons, which make it easy to control, and it also has a 3-inch touchscreen LCD quite a good thing, and with the help of this you can also control it, and this display rotates leftright

and 360 deg which is also a very good feature of this camera and you can see what is being recorded by the camera at living,

Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

It also has a lot of ports for connectivity, such as USB, HDMI, Headphone Port, Microphone Port, Charging Port, and it can also record your voice because it also has an internal microphone, which has the ability to It is good,

and if you have to use an external microphone, then you can connect that too, which will make the quality of the videos better, due to the presence of all these ports, there will be no problem in connectivity, and WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and you can also use NFC as well

Battery and charging Sony Alpha a7 camera review

Friends, this camera is a very professional camera, due to which it consumes a lot of power, and that is why Sony has used a large lithium-ion battery in it so that it can run for many hours without stopping, on a charge and due to the support of fast charging, it gets charged very quickly, which is a good thing.


  • very good design and look
  • lightweight and portable
  • water-resistant
  • 24.3 MP sensor
  • 4k video-recording support
  • microphone and image-stibilzation support
  • eye autofocus support
  • wireless connectivity and many ports as well
  • many buttons to control
  • 1/30000 seconds shutter speed
  • 15 FPS continuous shooting speed
  • 60 FPS video recording on 4k resolution


  • no any cons


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Friends, this was a detailed review of the Sony Alpha a7 camera, we hope you must have liked this post, and if you have found any problem in this review, then definitely tell us by commenting so that we can improve our blog more you can,

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Sony Alpha a7 camera review in 2022

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