Raids, How They Work And Information About The Release of New Dungeons in The World of Warcraft

Raids are a whole separate activity in online games, and World of Warcraft is no exception.


Raids go for unique and enhanced equipment, experience and for playing in co-op with difficult challenges.

In fact, raids comprehensively replace most activities and allow you to regularly gain an increase in level and knock out useful equipment for your class. Due to the fact that raids completely supplanted the system of professions and it was more profitable for players to spend a little of their time and get good weapons and equipment, subject to successful completion, while professions required a lot of time to farm resources and craft, and the quality did not always correspond to the efforts spent.

Therefore, Blizzard reorganized the profession system in favor of players and crafters, and now you can order starting equipment for raids, including ordering from masters.

New Dungeons

What is a raid in World of Warcraft?

The raid is an active dungeon, in the lair of which there are three bosses that must be systematically destroyed in order to receive rewards and experience.

Raids have requirements for the level of the hero and equipment, and if at least one member of the group does not have everything necessary, then the group will not be allowed.

Each major dungeon has its own difficulty levels:

  • Ordinary
  • Heroic
  • Legendary
  • Epochal

Each next difficulty opens after defeating the previous one – it will not work to jump.

As the difficulty level increases, the strength of all boos also grows, they become faster, more aggressive, more agile and deal more damage, the cooldown time of all his skills decreases.

Players need to have good chemistry and good equipment in order to cope with the Mythic dungeon.

Often the cause of failure in raids is not only the lack of equipment, but also the experience among the participants and ironically, in order to get the best equipment, players already need it for the success of the raid.

You can order a raid assistance service from the Skycoach service to get a full-fledged raid carry with an invitation to a group, or transfer of a character to professional players.

The service guarantees the anonymity and safety of personal data and provides a refund in case of disputes.

To order the passage of any raid, including the upcoming Aberrus raid, follow the link –

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How the raid system works in new updates?

Every big update in World of Warcraft comes with a new raid with the highest quality loot, because players always need an incentive to complete new dungeons.

But not always raids are given easily and quickly. The developers take into account the experience of each new dungeon and complicate the process to give the game a more competitive form.

So the last released raid was submitted to the players only 48 hours after the release of the Shadowlands update.

Since players must go through each part of the raid with the presented difficulty level, the developers release each round in a dosed manner, giving players the opportunity to get used to the update, save up equipment and have time to get acquainted with all the changes in the gameplay, and not immediately run to the entrance to the raid.

Each new difficulty is released in approximately two weeks, and so will the new Aberrus raid, The Shadowed Crucible, which will appear in May along with the release of a new patch.

Raid in World Of Warcraft

Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible, what is known

Aberrus will be the first raid to be made available to players in the Dragon flight update, and will continue the storyline that players started exploring immediately upon their arrival on Dragon Island and allow gamers to acquire new, unique dragon-related equipment.

Brief history of the raid

Several millennia ago, the secret laboratory Aberrus was founded by a scientist named Neltharion, who experimented on changing the world. Aberrus recently. who was considered to have disappeared was discovered again, and evil forces rushed there to use the power of the Guardian of the Earth and his legacy, and if found, the world would face chaos. The defenders of Azeroth are rapidly forming squads and sent to Aberrus to destroy the invading creatures and ensure that the accumulated knowledge does not fall into the wrong hands and will be sealed.

The release schedule for various levels of the Aberrus raid in World of Warcraft Dragon flight

  • All difficulty levels for the Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible raid will release on May 8, 2023.
  • The Cross-Faction will be available at the same time.
  • The Mythic Aberrus Hall of Fame will now hold 200 guilds for the top raiding guilds from both the Horde and Alliance sides.

Schedule for the release of all four wings for the Aberrus raid

  • May 8 – addition of the first wing, exit of the Abandoned Works section. These include – Hellforges, Kazzara, Forgotten Experiments, Confluence Chamber.
  • May 22 – addition of the second wing, release of the Rage of the Giants compartment. They include – Elder Rashok, Vigilant Stuart, Storm Zakali, Zskarn.
  • June 5 – addition of the third wing, exit of the Shadow of Neltharion compartment. This includes the Echo of Neltharion and Magmorax.
  • June 19 – Addition of the fourth and final wing, entry of the Void Edge and Scalecommander Sarcaret.

Where is the entrance to the raid Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible?

To find the entrance to the Aberrus raid, The Shadowed Crucible, head to the northern part of Zaralek Cave. The closest flight point is at Obsidian Nest, south of the entry point.

Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible will be just the first raid in a chain of dungeons that Blizzard will introduce for the World of Warcraft Dragonflight update. Players will continue to study the history of the Dragon Isles, the reasons why no one could have discovered the archipelago before, and most importantly, study the history of all the research that has been carried out on it.

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Rewards for defeating Posses in the Aberrus raid, The Shadowed Crucible

Each of the presented bosses will evenly drop equipment and weapons with a power level from 410 to 450.

Quality and strength directly depend on the difficulty of the raid and simply on the luck of the battle group.

Bosses will also drop unique epochal items that symbolize parts of his essence.

If we analyze each boss, then absolutely all of them have items that will effectively complement the capabilities of each class in World of Warcraft. Such a system allows players not to compete for the best items, but rather even to exchange everything they don’t need for everything they need. Giving a sword to a paladin but getting a bow in return is a pretty good deal.

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