MacBook air with m1 chip full review

today we are going to talk about apple new maair with apple m1 chip

Friends, if you also want to get an Apple MacBook Air laptop and you are wondering

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Apple 1 chip full review, and friends will also find out whether this MacBook is the fastest ever,

you can use it for work, how is the design and build quality of this laptop, and much more things we see, so let’s start.

Design and build quality

Friend, as we all know, how slim and tomorrow is the design and look of any gadget of Apple,

and Apple has not reduced the design and build quality of this new MacBook,

if we talk Regarding the design and look of this MacBook, the design of this laptop is very cool and good,

this laptop is quite light-weight and slim, this laptop is slightly raised from the front,

which makes it look pretty beautiful, and Apple has used aluminum to design this laptop, which makes it very strong and durable as well.

mackbook air with apple m1 chip

And if we talk about color options, then in this laptop you get to see 2-3 colors (silver, gold,space gray)

and you can choose any color from it which you like best, this laptop Talking about the profiles,

mackbook air with apple m1 chip

we get a fairly good 13-inch screen on the front-side, two USB Type C ports on the left-side and an audio jack on the right side,

and a 720p camera on the top side. , which makes it even better. and the weight of this laptop is very lite that is only 1.25KG


13.3-inch IPS 2k display 400nits

Friends, if you are a programmer or you do a lot of video editing, then this laptop is for you,

because the display of this laptop is very good, in this laptop display you will get a lot of natural looks and colors of this display.

mackbook air with  m1 chip

There is a resolution (2560 * 1600), which is a good thing, and if we talk about its display size,

then we get a 13.3-inch display in this laptop and its bells are very thin or you get quite a good Will to give experience

if you want to use it in outdoor also because it has 400nits of brightness level that is great.

Processor of macBook air

Friends, we all know how good the performance level of any Apple product is,

and if we talk about this new MacBook Air, we get to see the Apple m1 serving from Apple in it,

apple m1 chip

which is based on 5NM, in this processor we get 8 CPU and 8-core GPU, and guys,

Apple claims that it has 5x fast GPU which is a very good thing, and if you do video editing in it, you will be very smooth and Will get fast experience.

Battery of this new macBook air with apple m1

Friends, if you talk about the battery of this laptop, then we get a very big and long battery in it,

and if you do normal work on this laptop, like video watching, browsing then its battery is almost 18 horse battery back-

sub will provide which is a good thing and if you do heavy tasking as well as video-editing then

it will give you a back-up provision of 14-15 horse battery which is very good,

and the friend M1 chip is based on 5 NM so In this laptop you are getting a good back-up,

And this laptop has no any fan, it is also a big way to have good battery back-up.

Storage of this new macBook air with apple m1

Friends, on this laptop, we get to see 2 RAM options, (8GB 16GB), in which you will be able to do multi-tasking quite a lot.

And if we talk about its storage, then we get to up to 2TB SSD in this laptop,

which is the base variant comes with 256 GB SSD and the speed of this SSD is 2 X faster,

so that you can read and write speed. It is also going to get quite good.

Keyboard and connectivity in this macbook air

In order to further improve the experience of this MacBook, Apple has made the keyboard this MacBook very good,

in this laptop, we get to see the full-size keyboard, and in this keyboard, we already

have a lot of pre- Programmed shortcuts are available which will make our work more fast,

mackbook air keyboard

due to lack of touch bars in this laptop, we get to see in the physical view of the Ese key on the left side,

and it also has backlight support, so that you can use it in the dark.

And if we talk about the connectivity of this laptop, then we also get the support

of Wifi-6 and Bluetooth in this laptop, this laptop also supports fast charging,

and we get the charger in the box itself. Which supports the type of USB 4 or C.

Touch trackpad and touch ID

We all know how big and good Apple’s touch trackpad is, and friends are going to

get the same feeling in the same too because there is no change in the track pad of this laptop,

which will give you a smooth experience. And its size is also very big,

mackbook air touch trackpad

And talking about the Touch ID of this laptop, we get Touch ID in Physical from this laptop,

in which you can set your finger and it also works very fast so that it makes your laptop very safe.


Friends, we often see that the speakers of the laptop make a very loud sound but

even if you are a music lover you can buy it because the sound quality of this laptop is very good and loud. And we get 2 speakers in it.


  • wifi 6.0
  • 13.3-inch IPS Display
  • very loud speaker
  • full-size keyboard
  • finger touch ID
  • big track Pad
  • 16 hours battery
  • very-lite weight 1.25KG


  • no any cons in this

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mackbok air with apple m1 chip full review

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