How to choose earphones for us

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How to chose earphones

today we are going to talk about how to choose a earphone for us.

Friends, if you too are thinking about taking an earphone,

but you are confused about the fact that you should take an earphone like,

which will be best for you and many other questions also in your mind,

and if you want to know the answer,

then stay with this post today because today we are going to talk about how can we choose earphones for us.

So friends, let’s first see the things you should know

before taking an earphone. And today we are going to talk about them.

Important things

  • Design and build quality
  • Earbuds and type
  • Frequency range
  • Drivers
  • Connectivity
  • Sound pressure level
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Impedance
  • Noise cancellation

Design and build quality

friends, As we know, the first recognition of any gadget is by its design and

build quality and the same applies to earphones.

If the design and look of our earphones are good, then other people will also be attracted to them.

Hard plastic or a little aluminum is used to design the body of an earphone,

it is very strong and durable,

and if it also supports waterproof then it becomes even better.

So friends, if you go to pick up any earphones,

then definitely see that its design and build quality are very good.

so guys let’s move to the next heading from hot to choose earphones for us

what is Earbuds and type

Friends, earbuds have a very important role in any earphone,

this determines how long you will be able to use any earphone.

Friends, if the earbuds in any earphone will be of soft quality,

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then it will prick you in your ears very less and you will be able to use it for a very long time

and friends must take care that the earbud is rubber only so that you get a soft experience.

What is Out-ear earphone

Friends, if an earphone is type out-ear then

it will not be good for you because the out-ear earphone has many problems,

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as if the earphone is out-ear then it will feel heavy in your ears and your ears will feel a little bit painful as well.

and the biggest problem is that it automatically gets out of your ears, which will irritate you a lot.

What is In-ear earphones

Friends, now we are going to talk about type, so friends, in all the earphone market today, almost all of them get in-ear type,

which is a good thing if the earphone type is in-ear, then you will You can get a very good experience

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and it will not come out of your particle automatically, which is a very good thing.

let’s move to the next heading from the buying guide for earphones

What is Frequency range

Friends, now we are going to talk about the frequency range, this is the range in which

we can hear as humans and this range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz for us humans, if the strength of voice is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz then

we can hear it and if that sound is below 20 Hz then we can not listen to it, and if we talk about what it does in earphones

, then it is very useful in any earphone which it decides An earphone or headphone how much base will provide you.

If you are looking for an earphone or headphone in which you can enjoy the most base

, then you should always keep in mind that the range of frequency range of the headphone you are choosing an earphone

that gives you much base, then you can choose 5Hz-12Hz earphones. and if you want more travel then you can go with the 20HZ starting range.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to buy earphone for us

What is Drivers

Friends, now we have come on the most part of any earphone i.e. the drivers. So first of all,

we know what the drivers are, and why it is important in our headphones. So friends drivers,

we call the speaker of any earphone or headphone only. Which plays the sound of. And the larger its size,

the more it will provide us the best sound quality, it is not a rule but it is mostly found.

And if we talk about its normal size, then we get 8mm-14mm drivers in the earphone more often,

and if you buy premium earphones, then you get to see a lot of drivers in them. Which helps in playing different songs.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose earphones for us

What is Connectivity

Friends, now we are going to talk about connectivity, which is also very important for earphones.

And if we talk about the connectivity of any earphone, then we get to see two types of earphones normally

wired earphone and wireless earphone, so now we know what it is.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose a earphone for us

What is wired earphones

Friends, if we talk about the wired earphone, then we know from the name itself that these are earphones

that connect to our mobile or laptop devices via wire, and we also get a lot of things in them. Like the audio jack to connect,

which is different for different devices and only the normal 3.5mm audio jack is available for our phone or laptop or for tab,

and if there is an earphone that has audio mixing If you want to be programmed, we get a 6.5mm audio jack.

There are also many Surrey ports. And the other thing is wire and friend. It is not very important to know.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose earphones for us

What is wireless earphones

And if we talk about wireless earphones, then we have to see a lot of things in them, and friends, because of being wireless,

we get a lot of freedom to use them. And friends, if we talk about the source, then we get to see most of the Bluetooth earphones and

there is WiFi on the second number. And friends, the most we have to keep in mind is how much its range is,

the more the range, the better the earphone is for you. And normal it lasts for 10-25 meters.

But friends, if you are taking an earphone for gaming, then you should take a

wired earphone so that you do not have any problem with sensitivity.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to buy a earphone for us

What is Sound pressure level

Friends, now we will know what the sound pressure level is and why it is important,

so friends, it is directly connected to the output of our earphone and this is how much loud sound our earphone will provide,

friends this evening like our energy As you say, if you eat 2 apples, then how long you can last, similarly if the earphone takes 1 millivolt power,

then how much decibel sound does it give (millivolt, the decibel is both units)

and it is normal 80DB 120DB. And the more friends we get, the more loudness we get.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to buy a earphone for us

What is Harmonic Distortion

Friends, this is also a very important thing for our earphone, it only determines how much clear sound we get from our earphone,

so it is very important to know about it, friends as we all know this thing very well It is the sound vibrator that produces itself,

and therefore the drivers that are given in our eraphone also start vibrating when playing the songs in them,

and the sound is produced happily, but you must have noticed this thing.

As we increase our volume many times we do not hear the sound clear,

because the drivers vibrate very fast and often they do not manage it,

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose headphones for us

What is Impedance

So friends, now we are going to talk about impedance and friend it is also very important.

And friend’s impedance is also called resistance. And the less it wins, the more easily your earphone can play the sound,

but the lower your sound quality becomes useless. And so the high-quality earphones are very high in them,

but you cannot play them from your normal mobile, you will have to get a separate machine for that.

And in Dost Normal earphones, it is from 20 to 32Ohm and you can buy them.

so we get to see this problem. And the lower the distortion, the better the sound quality

we get and it is completely dependent on your earphone drivers quality.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose earphones for us

What is Noise cancellation

As the friend’s name suggests, it is being talked about canceling the noise, and it also means the same, friends,

Noise cancellation provides you a fresh noise by canceling the sound of the breathless spring,

and this two It is kind of active noise-cancellation and passive noise-cancellation, so friends let’s now know about them.

what is active noise cancellation

In Friends Active Noise Cancellation, you get a dedicated mic that records the extraneous

sound outside and later by removing it provides fresh sound quality, but there is another problem that this important outdoor

noise Also got removed, and the other problem is that it only knows the constant audio frequency, as if the fan is running in your room,

it will remove it but if someone is talking So it fails a little bit.

let’s move to the next heading from the how to choose earphones for us

what is passive noise cancellation

Friends, I could not tell you about this very well with, so if you want to know about it better then you must visit this blog click.

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