the best Chimney under 10000 for the kitchen

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 best Chimney under 10000 for kitchen

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Friends, if you are building a new house, it wants to make your kitchen more professional,

then there should be a good chimney in your kitchen. So that today the extra air can get out of the kitchen and

also, give your kitchen a professional look, then friends, if you are thinking of buying a chimney,

and your budget is around 10000, then remain this today With the post, because today

we have brought you the complete list of the Best Chimney for Kitchen Under 10000, and all the chimneys are quite professional.

And we also do our job very well, so friends, let’s first look at the things that should be in a chimney and all the chimneys on our list.

The things that are common in all these Chimneys

Auto cleanyes
Wave& LPG sensoryes
Touch screenyes
filter typeBaffle Filter

So let’s start the list

5. Felix kitchen chimney review

how to chose a kitchen chimney

More about Felix Chimney for kitchen

Friends, the look and design of this chimney is very good and it will also make your kitchen look

more professional, its body has been used to design hard plastic, lead, and metal, which makes it quite strong and durable.

In this, we get to see a lot of features as it gets auto clean, it has a motion sensor, 2 x 3watt LED lights,

3 levels for speed control, and it also has a 6 ft pipe that you can fold and you can configure in 6-inches.

And it is also a touch-screen chimney, making it quite easy to operate.

And we also get a baffle filter, and it also turns auto carpet, due to the motion sensor you do not need to operate

it again and again and its LED lights give very good light. This chimney runs at 230 watts and we also get a

3 level speed control, which is quite a good thing, and if friends talk about its weight, it is quite light, its weight is only –kg.


  • very good design
  • touch screen
  • 60 cm width
  • lite-weight
  • LED lights
  • 230-watt power
  • motion sensor
  • auto-clean


  • no any cons

Let’s move to the top 4 Chimney from best Chimney under 10000 for kitchen

4. Blowhot Chimney review

kitchen chimneys

More about Blowhot Chimney for kitchen

Talking about the look and design of this chimney, it looks very cool and cool, its width is 60 cm, and the design

of its body has been made using hard plastic with metal and lead, and it is also quite Is light-weight.

It has a suction capacity of 1200 m3 / hour which is quite good, and a baffle filter has also been used in this chimney.

To control it, we see the buttons in it, and it does not have the feature of AutoClean. This chimney also has 2x 3 watt LED lights, which will help a lot.

Friends, to control its speed, we get 3 levels in it, and the sound of its snare is also quite a task that will not disturb you.

To run this chimney you need 200 watts, which is not much, and it is very easy to fight it, and you also get a pipe in it.


  • design and look cool
  • 200 watts
  • 3 levels speed control
  • LED lights
  • suction capacity 1200 m3/hour
  • 60 cm width


  • no touch screen

Let’s move to the top 3 Chimney from best Chimney under 10000 for kitchen

3. Surya model Chimney review

best  chimney under 10000 for kitchen

More about Surya model Chimney for kitchen

Friends or Wahimner, the sun is off and what a good brand Surya is, we all know, its look and design is very good,

and because of its plastic and lead, it looks very premium, and also strong,

This chimney has very good features, as it is also a touch screen chimney and its suction power is 1400 m3 / hour

which is quite good, we get to see a lot of controls, and it also has a baffle filter,

So it works quite well, and it also has the feature of Auto Clean.

There are a lot of sensors in this chimney, such as an LPG sensor, hand motion sensor, and friends,

there is no need to touch it because of the hand motion sensor because it can operate with the signal of your hand,

and control the speed. There are a lot of levels to do this, this chimney produces a lot of noise

and can run at 230 watts, along with it you get 5 years warranty, which is very good.


  • very good design
  • 230-watt power
  • motion sensor
  • LPG sensor
  • 5 years of warranty
  • 1400 m3/hour
  • suction power
  • auto-clean


  • no any cons

Let’s move to the top 2 Chimney from best Chimney under 10000 for kitchen

2. Maplin Chimney review

best surya kitchen chimneys under 10000

More about Maplin Chimney for kitchen

Friends, you can see how good this chimney looks, and at the same time metal has been used to make it, which makes it very strong and durable.

We get a lot of features in it, it supports auto clean, it also has a motion sensor,

LED light, and it also has a touch screen. And this chimney also has a head sensor, meaning you can also operate it with the help of your hand,

Talking about this chimney filter, we get a baffle filter in it.

This chimney is auto clean and talking about its suction power, it gets suction power of 1400 m3 / hour,

and its width is 90 cm, which is very good, to run this chimney also. You need 230 watts, and its weight is 14 kg.

With this, we get a 6 ft aluminum pipe, double tape, steel clamp, and a lot of other tools to set it.

And friends, we also get to see a lot of sensors like the LPG sensor, and there are a lot of levels to control its speed,

and it has a small display so that you can see all its functions,


  • nice design
  • lite-weight
  • 230-watt power
  • hand sensor
  • LPG sensor
  • display
  • very less noise
  • 1400 m3/hour suction power
  • many features


  • no any cons

Let’s move to number Chimney from best Chimney under 10000 for kitchen

1. Eurodomo 90 cm Chimney review

best kitchen chimneys under 10000

More about Eurodomo (90 cm) Chimney for kitchen

Now we have come to our list number 1 kitchen chimney which is Eurodomo 90 cm and
Friends, this is the best-looking chimney on our list, if you use it in your kitchen,

it will add a lot to your kitchen look. And its build quality is also very good, lead has been used with hard plastic to make it very strong.

Now if we talk about its features, then we also get a lot of good features in it, as it is also a touch screen chimney

and it also has the feature of Auto clean, in this chimney also we get to see all the good sensors.

It is available as an LPG sensor, motion sensor, and also has 2x 3 watt LED lights.

And friends, a lot of this work goes on in power, to run it,

you only need 180 watts, due to which it is at number 1 in our list.

Baffle filters also get in this and if we talk about its weight, then it is only 12 kg which is quite light-weight,

and also has been given a lot of levels to control its speed.

And its suction power is 1200 m3 / hour which is quite good and, with this,

we also get all the fitting tools. And the width of this chimney is 90 cm.


  • best design
  • strong
  • 1200 m3/h power
  • 90 cm width
  • lite-weight
  • touch screen
  • motion sensor
  • 180-watt power


  • no

Last section to read

So friends, here was a list in which we talked about all the chimneys which are priced around 10000

and can make your kitchen look very professional. If you liked this list, then let us know by commenting,

and if you have noticed any deficiency in our list, then please tell us by commenting, visiting our blog, and reading

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