Acer QG241Y 23.8-inch FHD monitor Review

Friends this is the number 1 gaming monitor under 10000 and it comes from Acer and it is a very good monitor

The design and look of this monitor and is very good and it will definitely increase the look of your gaming setup

On the front side, Acer branding is given, and a little stand is given at the bottom and its body is made of metal ad hard plastic which makes it very strong

Its size is 24-inch which is very enough for gaming and you can also use it for office tasking and video-editing as well

Its resolution is FHD means you can play games on 1080p which is also very good and it has a lot of ports for connectivity like HDMI, VGA port

Its brightness level is 250 nits and its refresh rate is about 75 Hz and 1ms Response time for gaming and a 3-year warranty which is a very good thing