Samsung Galaxy Buds [ with microphone and in-ear earbud ]

It is a very unique design earbud from Samsung company

It is a very unique design earbud from Samsung company

it can fit in any one year and it has also side atjustmeant

It is in ear works on the quality will be very impressive and also noise cancellation is nice

It has some microphones given for the active noise cancellation and this is the best thing

the Sound quality of this year but is very impressive and also it has loud bass

It has 1-year of warranty which is very nice thing and it is also water-resistant

It has very nice quality case and also indicators

you can control its function because it has some buttons also

It is also a smart assistant so you can play music by just using your voice

the assistant work very perfectly and it is a Bluetooth earbuds so it has bluetooth for the connectivity

You can attach this year but with Samsung Galaxy app which is very nice

It has a long battery backup of 21 hours and also it supports very fast charging

It also supports wireless charging which is the great thing of this earbud

The latency level is very low so you can enjoy gaming but it Is not made for gaming

it comes with 7 days replacement policy