Redgear Cloak Wired RGB gaming headphones Review

This phone is designed by cosmic byte company and it is a very good company of gaming Gadgets and headphones as well

it is a very good headphone and it has a lot of features but it ranked number 7 in our list  because of its look and build  quality

as you can see it looks and where it isn't and it has also light which increases its look very much but the build quality is very poor

Its neckpad is made of soft foam so you can hold it for a long time and it has also big earcups Because it is also an over-ear headphone

it is very flexible and it is made of hard plastic but If it falls then it will beach very easily which is a very bad thing

it is very lightweight and it has also a 50mm dynamic driver for good quality gaming you can expect a decent performance from this site

it has also microphone to record your voice which you can also fold it and it has a lot of features

it is very lightweight and also comes with 1 year warranty which is very good thing and it has a 2.2 meter long plastic cable and 3.5 mm jack for connectivity

it also supports noise cancellation which makes it sound quality is better