Ant Esports GM320 RGB Optical Wired Gaming Mouse [ 8 Programmable Buttons ]

friends Ant Esports Is a very good company for gaming

if you also like these products then you can buy this gaming mouse

This gaming Mouse is a budget gaming Mouse

it has a lot of features and also the design is very nice

It looks very premium and has a unique design

the whole body is made up of plastic and some use Metal

it is very strong and durable and also has nice airflow

It is an RGB gaming Mouse so it has RGB effect and you can control it also

It has a total of 8 buttons and all are Programmable

You can customize it button send used according to your need

It is a superfast gaming Mouse because it has a 7200 DPI option

It is a wired gaming Mouse Suite that has a nice USB cable for connectivity

Smooth scroll bar and detachable cable

Nice rating and always on discount

1-year warranty and 7 replacement policy