Boult Audio AirBass earbud Review

Friends this earbud is the best earbud under 2000 and this is a very good looking earbud as you can see its color is completely black

the weight is also very lite so you will never feel any type of pain in your ears and its buds are very soft

It is also a water-resistant earbud and on the backside of drivers company logo has been given which makes it look even batter

It has a case  and the build quality of its case is also very commendable in this earbud 12mm drivers have been used  so it can also produce very loud and clear audio

it also supports  noise cancellation and for this, there are two microphones given which also help you in calling and voice recording as well

it is also a Bluetooth earbud  so there is Bluetooth 5.0 support for  connectivity and its connectivity in this 10 meters which is very good

the latency level is low so you can do part-time gaming with this It has a 2200 mAH battery and it also supports very fast charging

its total battery backup is about 120 hours which makes it number one and there is also support for reverse charging so you can use it as a secondary Power Bank