Blue Yeti USB Microphone new updates and review [ all youtubers and content creator favrmicrophone  ]

Friends you have also heard about the blue yeti mic

this is a really great microphone from Blue Company

all youtubers and content creators use this my only

this is a really great microphone for video and audio recording and for singing as well

the design and look of this microphone are really recent

the whole body of this microphone is made of metal

there are some color options in this microphone like black silver and blue

it is super lightweight and it is a condenser microphone

it can record audio without any kind of noise

1-year warranty with 7-day replacement policies

It is also a very good stand for standability

It can be only used on a PC or laptop as well you can't use this on a smartphone

It requires 5-volt power to run

you can also use this microphone on Windows Mac and LINUX admin