Apple iphone 5s now available on amazon [ best buy link 16GB ]

If you are also a apple lover  and wanted to buy an iPhone

friends Apple iPhone 5 is a very good phone but now it is got out that it

if you want to try and iPhone then you can definitely buy this iPhone because it is worth

it is very good camera and the picture quality is very impressive as you know of iPhone

very nice design and look glass body and metal finish

4-inch display and the quality will be very impressive

It has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal Store

it is Available on Amazon and the rating is very nice

It has fingerprint sensor which is a very use thing now the days also

Very nice speaker and also microphone is impressive

It has iOS 7 support because it is old phone from apple

It comes with 4G connectivity which is a great thing

It is very lightweight phone because its weight is only 12 grams

It has 15 battery and the back upo is not good

It has not support of fast charging but still it got fast charge

1 year warranty and 7 days replacement Apple services