Ant Esports H1100 gaming headphones Review

Friends these headphones come on the number one place in the list of best gaming headphones under 1000

it is really the best headphone because you can see their design and look its entire body is made of super-hard plastic and some use of Metal

so it is powerful and durable as well and its color combination is best with like its color and there is also the support of RGB lights which increases its Appearance even more

there is a 50mm driver used in this gaming headphone so the performance will be very good you can play all games in this because

the latency is very low so it is the perfect one for Battle Royale games

there are also microphones for voice recording and calling as well  and you can also fold the microphone which is very good

it comes with a 1-year warranty which is a nice thing and makes its a relaxing deal  and this is very lightweight as well

it is also and over-ear headphone so you can use it for a long time and to connect it there is 2.2 metres high quality plastic cable give him which has USB at 3.5 mm audio jack